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Hours: The gardens are open on Thursday and Friday from 9AM-3PM. It is necessary to notify us thru the Contact Us form before arriving (24 hour minimum notice) so that so we can have a staff member available to open the deer gate, hand out trail maps, answer questions, etc.  

Admission - There is no admission fee to visit Arborcrest.


Location - We are located at 174 Evergreen Lane in Boone, N.C.


Parking - There is a parking area for approximately 20 cars just inside the main gate on your right.

Restroom facilities - We recently completed construction of 2 clean modern outdoor restrooms for visitor use. 

Deer/Boundary fence - There is an 8’ woven wire fence and gate that completely encloses the property. This has eliminated deer damage which was previously destroying our plants before it was installed. It also serves as a boundary fence for visitors while they are in the gardens.

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