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Maple Trees

Maple trees have a sizable number of species, and we've planted and evaluated approximately 300 varieties at Arborcrest.

Many are native to Asia, but maple trees have been planted around the world and used for food (maple syrup!), wood for furniture and construction, and ornamental additions to our landscapes. The fall foliage of maple trees is a feast for the eyes. Some of the maples we grow include:

  • Japanese Maples (Acer palmate), may have solid or lacy leaves, the branches may be upright or cascading (weeping.) Most Japanese Maples top out at 20' tall.

  • Norway Maples (Acer platanoides) are fast-growing and popular shade trees, and grow to 40'-60' tall.

  • Sugar Maples grow to a tall 65' - 70'.  a shade-loving variety. We've tested almost 20 varieties and have found some that do well.

One of our most "famous" maples is 'Sir Happy,' a Japanese Maple that grows about 1/8 of an inch a year. We estimate our tree to be about 40 years old, and it stands at under 6" tall. Because of its size, we've protected this precious little tree within its own "fence." You'll want to stop by and pay your respects.


08D Acer palmatum - Sir Happy - Japanese Maple .jpg
Scroll through to learn about some of our Maple trees, pictured here in their Autumn glory.
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