What is the purpose of Arborcrest Gardens? 


First and foremost, joy! The gardens are an expression of Dr. Stanley's passion for the beauty in God's creation. It is a sanctuary, a respite from the worries of the world. Each bloom, each unique needle on an evergreen, each new leaf on a tree in the spring is a miracle worth celebrating.


Secondly, as a man who has dedicated his professional life to science and medicine, Dr. Stanley has the desire to learn — and share his knowledge with others. What varieties of plants, flowers and trees perform best in our mountain climate? What are the stories behind some of the unusual plants? How can we best care for our gardens, and enjoy the fruits of our labor? Dr. Stanley is on a mission to discover and share.

Where do I find information about the plants?


Plants in the garden are labeled with the scientific name, cultivar and common name. Visit Plant Evaluation Data on our website and use the search function to find where the plant was purchased, when it was planted, and any notes Dr. Stanley has recorded.


If there is a particular plant you are interested in using in your own garden/landscape and would like to know how it has performed in the Arborcrest plant trials, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form and Dr. Stanley will let you know if he recommends it or not.



Why are visits limited to Fridays?


We have a small staff, and their workdays are busy with planting, mulching and maintaining the gardens. They often use heavy equipment, so for safety reasons we must limit the time the gardens are open to the public.



Are the gardens handicapped accessible?


The trails are paved, but some are steep. We do offer guided tours on a golf cart taxi for those who don’t feel comfortable navigating the trails on their own.


Does Arborcrest allow photographs and videos to be taken?


Absolutely! We encourage you to take pictures for your personal use — either for ideas in your own garden, or simply to remember the joy of your visit with us. Use #arbor_crestgardens or tag us @arbor_crestgardens on Instagram to share your experience with us!


Please make sure your photography does not block paths or interfere with other guests’ enjoyment.


Drones are not allowed. Portfolio, product and model photography/videography is not allowed, and photos may not be used for commercial purposes.



May we schedule weddings or events in the garden?


Unfortunately, we do not have the staff, facilities or parking to accommodate events at this time. However, Arborcrest is a lovely place to get engaged!

How can I support?


If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution towards an endowment fund to help ensure the future of Arborcrest Gardens, please send to: Arborcrest Gardens, 174 Evergreen Lane, Boone, NC 28607.


Thank you!