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Self-Guided Walking Tour

Walk the garden at your own pace.

Tour Description

A staff member will provide you with a map and you can wander our 2.5 miles of paved trails at your own pace. Please be aware that Arborcrest Gardens contains steep, mountainous terrain that is not suitable for all visitors to walk. From the parking lot, most of the walking paths descend into a ravine then wind back uphill. While this dramatic terrain contributes to the uniqueness and beauty of Arborcrest Gardens, it means that visitors with limited mobility or limited stamina must exercise caution. While no terrain at Arborcrest Gardens is completely flat, you can avoid most (but not all) of the uphill climbs by walking the trail that starts from the parking lot and follows the upper edge of the ravine to the vegetable garden. This trail provides a scenic overview of the gardens without descending into the ravine. A staff member can highlight this route for you when you arrive.

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